A letter to the boy who picked up the pieces

To the boy who picked up the pieces and cleaned up the mess I left everywhere I went.

Where do I even begin? I think I now understand why your problems and headaches were never discussed with me, because I was the cause of those problems and headaches. I’m sorry for all the trouble I’ve caused. I’ve known that my actions would have repercussions, however I did not know that it would be inflicted on someone I care so much for. I’m sorry for causing you to cop the flack that people have given you because of my incompetence. I don’t deserve you nor do I deserve friends that care so much. I know that there is nothing you want from me, nor anything you need. But I feel the obligation to do this; to prevent another problem from arising again, to lift whatever burdens I may have mistakenly placed on you back onto my shoulders for myself to bear and to lessen the problems and headaches you have been having because of me. I know you’d never read this, but if I can I would leave you if it means that you will no longer have as many problems with me around. Another thing I want to add; thank you. Thank you for copping all the flack that people gave you even though they don’t know the full story. Thank you for not hating me despite all of the flack that you had to cop. I wish and pray that you will never have to experience anything like that ever again. And just like how I entered your life, that’s how I will disappear hearing of each other but never got to know.

I’m sorry and thank you.

Sincerely, the girl who makes a mess wherever she goes.


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