Arguing couple
 Back to back Couple Silhouette
“When it comes to times of confusion and struggle, honesty is key!” With the final lesson learnt, their arguments, confusions, questions were all answered. At least that’s what she thinks, she would never know how his perspectives and ideas would have been affected from her honesty. Along with the end of the painful memories, laughs and rose screened moments, their confusions, arguments and quarrels all came to an end as well.

It was her first time being honest with her feelings to a guy, little did she know that this also meant the end of her ideas of a couple with him. The typical movie scenes where the female lead would open her eyes and find the love of her life lying asleep beside her on their bed. The cliché drama cheesiness where the male lead would dramatically take his other half into his arms through the typical actions, holding on to the hands and pulling the female lead into his embrace, the storming up to the female and surprises the audience with a hug rather than a long lecture. Or just even the typical couple actions where the guy gives the girl his jacket because she’s cold. All those scenarios she played through her head a thousand times or more finally came to an end.

As her father have taught her: if you have the courage to pick it up, you should also have the courage to put it back down (or let it go) when it is time. She now knew that it is now time to let it go…


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