Before I knew it…


Before I knew it, all my fears were all exposed and exhibited within one sentence that came out of their mouths… “he’s going to look for girls.” One of the many lines which I dreaded hearing, one of the many sentences that I wish I would never have to hear; I heard. Right at that moment my heart dropped.

Before I knew it, tears were slowly accumulating to the rim of my eyelids, one blink, just one and several droplets streamed along my cheeks down to my chin then dropped onto the ground. How many tears would I have to shed? How many scars must I accumulate for you to understand what seems so obvious to me yet so invisible to you?

Before I knew it, I came to like you. It could have been the little actions, it could have been the jokes, it could have been everything or anything. I don’t know when, where or how; but I know what: “I like you”, three simple words that can lead to so much more. Three simple words that holds so much hope and happiness, yet at the same time it bears the ominous aura of all the deepest darkest fears one could have that could turn into woe.

Before I knew you, I was perfectly fine. But now that I know you, my life has changed, for the better and the worse…


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